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Mushrooms hoi sin £6.95
grilled mushrooms, kimchi, crispy shallots [V/VEG/DF/NF]

Halloumi & Sweet Chilli £7.25
sweet chilli sauce, crispy shallots [V/NF]

Smoked Tofu £7.65
mushrooms, kimchi, smoked tofu [V/VEG/NF/DF]

Jack Fruit £7.45
smoked tomato, sweet peppers & chilli jam[V/VEG/NF/DF]

Gochujang Chicken £7.45
crispy chicken fillet. spicy korean gochujang sauce [N]

Crispy Prawn £8.25
tempura king prawns, sriracha mayo, 7 spice shichimi and scallions [N]

Satay Chicken £7.45
crispy chicken fillet, spicy satay sauce

Salt & Pepper Chicken £7.45
crispy chicken fillet, peppers, spring onions, chillies and mayo [NF/DF]

BBQ Chicken £7.45
crispy chicken fillet, smoky bourbon bbq sauce [DF/NF]

BBQ Pulled Pork £7.95
pulled pork, smoky bbq sauce [NF/DF]

Duck HoiSin £7.95
shredded duck, hoi sin sauce, cucumber [DF/NF]

Salt & Pepper Chicken £7.45
crispy chicken fillet, salt & pepper spices, mayo [NF]

VEG-vegan V-vegetarian DF-dairy free GF-gluten free NF-nut free
DFr-dairy free request GFr-gluten free request

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