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King Prawn & Chicken Fried Rice £17.85
king prawns, chicken and rice stir fried in a mild curry paste [Gfr/DF]

Chicken Katsu Curry £15.95
panko fried chicken fillet, medium curry, steamed rice [NF]

Vegetable Katsu Curry £14.95
sweet potato, aubergine and baby corn, medium curry, steamed rice [NF/VEG/V/DF]

Chicken Garlic Fried Rice £15.75
teriyaki chicken, fragrant garlic fried rice [NF]

Kale & Shiitake Mushroom Fried Rice £13.95
stir fried with hoisin sauce [NF/DF/VEG/V]

steamed rice, fried egg, cucumber, kimchi, carrots, beansprouts, gochujang sauce
chicken £15.95 [DF/NF]
tofu £14.45 [V/DF/NF]
king prawn £17.95 [DF/NF]

Sweet & Sour Chicken
crispy chicken strips, cooked in our homemade cantonese style sweet & tangy sauce,
served with steamed rice
£15.95 [NF/DF]

Bulgogi Steak £18.95
korean bbq sauce, sweet, smoky & slightly tangy served with steamed rice [NF/DF]

rich & spicy peanut based sauce, seasonal vegetables, served with steamed rice [DF/GFr]
chicken £15.95
king prawn £17.95

Spicy Udon Noodles [NF/DF]
(*Rice noodles for GF option)
chicken £15.95
king prawn £17.95
vegetables £14.75

light chicken stock, pak choi, mushrooms, scallions [DF/NF]
chicken £15.95
pork £16.95

Miso Ramen £14.95
tofu, mushroom, wakame, scallions [NF/VEG/V/GFr]

Teriyaki Noodles
teppan fried noodles
salmon £17.95 [DF/NF]
steak £18.95 [DF/NF]
chicken £15.95 [DF/NF]

Crispy Duck
quarter £14.95
half £24.95
served with pancakes, cucumber, spring onion, hoi-sin sauce

VEG-vegan V-vegetarian DF-dairy free GF-gluten free NF-nut free
DFr-dairy free request GFr-gluten free request

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