SMALL PLATES - seafood

SMALL PLATES - seafood

Prawn Gyozas £7.75
served with soya sauce, either fried or steamed [NF]

Crispy Squid Rings £6.95
drizzled with sweet chilli sauce, bonito flakes [NF/GF/DF]

Salt & Pepper Squid £7.45
crispy squid pieces coated in salt & pepper spices [NF]

Ebi Katsu £7.45
panko king prawns served with sriracha [NF]

Sesame Prawn Toast £7.95
bite sized toasts served with sweet chilli sauce [DF]

Takoyaki Octopus Balls £6.25
served with okonomi sauce and tuna floss [NF/DF]

King Prawn Satay Skewers £7.85
satay sauce and crushed peanuts [GF/DF]

Salmon Maki Sushi Rolls £6.95
fresh salmon, cucumber, avocado [NF/GFr]

Steamed HarKau Dumplings £8.45
king prawn dumplings served with chilli oil and fried shallots [DF/NF]

VEG-vegan V-vegetarian DF-dairy free GF-gluten free NF-nut free
DFr-dairy free request GFr-gluten free request