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SMALL PLATES - vegetables

SMALL PLATES - vegetables

Vegetable Gyozas £6.95
served with soya sauce, either fried or steamed [NF/VEG/V]

Vegetable Spring Rolls £6.85
served with a sweet chilli dip [NF/VEG/V]

Teriyaki Cauliflower Bites £6.85
crispy cauliflower bites, sriracha mayo [VEG/NF/V]

Miso Aubergine £7.65
crispy aubergine slices, sweet miso, garlic, pomegranate [NF/VEG/DF/V]

Miso Sweet Potato £7.45
crispy sweet potato slices, sweet miso, garlic, pomegranate [NF/VEG/DF/V]

Halloumi Fries £7.45
served with sweet chilli dip [NF/V]

Spicy ToFu Cubes £6.65
crispy tofu cubes coated with salt & chilli spices [NF/VEG/V]

Salt & Pepper Potato Wedges £5.75
coated with home roasted seasoning [NF/VEG/V]

Lotus Root Crisps £3.95
thinly sliced lotus root coated with shichimi chilli [NF/VEG/V/DF/GF]

Miso Soup £2.95
rich miso soup with wakame and tofu [V/VEG/NF/DF]

Edamame Beans £4.85
choice of salt or chilli salt [GF/NF/DF/VEG/V]

Crispy Vegetables £6.95
selection of crispy vegetables, sweet chilli dip [NF/VEG/V/GF]

Avocado Maki Roll £5.95
avocado & cucumber, ginger and wasabi [NF/DF/V]

Satay Tofu Skewers £6.95
skewered tofu cubes, spicy satay sauce, crushed peanuts [V]

Kimchi Gyozas £6.95
korean dumplings with kimichi vegetable filling, slight heat [NF/VEG/V/DF]

VEG-vegan V-vegetarian DF-dairy free GF-gluten free NF-nut free
DFr-dairy free request GFr-gluten free request

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